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اختر خطتك السعرية

  • Cleaning your soul - Personal Coach

    Clear all scars that unsettle your life history
    سارٍ حتى شهر واحد
    • 6 healing sessions of 1h each
    • 2 x 15 min anytime support
  • Depression plan-Healing plan-New version

    You will not be the same.
    سارٍ حتى 2 أشهر
    • 11 healing sessions of 60 min each
    • Clearing all your past fears, trauma, negative emotions,
    • limiting beliefs, loss/grief,..
    • 4 x 15min anytime support
  • Fear-Phobias-Anxiety

    Clear all the fears that unsettle your life history
    سارٍ حتى شهر واحد
    • 4 healing sessions of 50 min each
    • I will support you in overcoming all your fears and phobias.
  • Personal Life Coach

    Coaching using Bioenergy Healing Therapy advance techniques
    سارٍ حتى شهر واحد
    • 10 coaching sessions of 30 min each
    • Self-Confidence Issue- Relationship Issue -Job Satisfaction
  • دورة شفاء المشاعر

    ثمن دورة شفاء المشاعر ٢٠٢٤
    سارٍ حتى 2 أشهر
    Bio energy healing physical pains and lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, pain issues.

    جلسة الألم الجسدي


    60 Min 

    Bio energy healing emotional pains, depression healing, chakra healing, stress healing, anxiety healing


    الألم العاطفي


    60 Min 

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