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I discovered my healing abilities twenty years ago. At the time, I thought there was something wrong with me. I found out later that many people have a similar gift, so I worked hard to develop my energy skills. With the help of God, I learned many energy techniques and created my own healing method with the guidance of my teacher Janet Amare...

Heal your 
wounds and be free

All of us have experienced difficult moments that have marked our lives. But what most of us don’t know is that the scars of the past can emerge in the future.

Clearing your life of past wounds, such as those caused by fears, worries, trauma, anger, anxiety, or depression, bioenergy healing can help make you a completely different person. 

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Khalid Benhammou, Founder of Bioenergy Hacking Techniques 

Bio energy healing emotional pains, depression healing, chakra healing, stress healing, anxiety healing
Heal your

Chronic pain can be unbearable and it can make life unendurable.

Bioenergy-healing is an online distance remedial technique that combines energy psychology, matrix energetics, and energy healing. This technique will remedy emotional and physical pains during a 30- minute session, as a minimum...  


Bioenergy hacking©  is a revolutionary brain technique developed by Khalid Benhammou, an energy healer and coach.

This technique is designed to help people to clear themselves from fear, anger, depression... or any emotional pains by accessing their subconscious mind and hacking their brains through the visualization techniques.

it works

All I need is your photo, or we can use Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and any other app to communicate.


As soon as I identify what hurts, I connect to your energy field through your photo or life therapy via a communicating app.


Within a few minutes, you will feel...

Bioenergy healing, Chronic pains healing
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What is bio energy healing, What is energy healing, energy healing

Phobias Clearing 


Mon - Fri: 13 am - 18pm

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